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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

personalized baby blanket: Baby Shower Basics

Baby showers have been very popular and are one tradition that almost all mothers-to-be from almost all countries practice. Since baby shower is not only gift giving but also a social event. It is for this reason that some etiquette should be observed. These etiquettes may vary depending on your country but the following is the most common ones ...

by Gord Shin

Baby showers have been very popular and are one tradition that almost all mothers-to-be from almost all countries practice. Since baby shower is not only gift giving

but also a social event. It is for this reason that some etiquette should be observed. These etiquettes may vary depending on your country but the following is the most

common ones.

1. The best time to hold a baby shower is sometime before the birth. Usually, baby showers are held a month or two before the birth of the baby. Recently, some

people practice holding the baby shower a month or two after the birth. Holding the party before the birth of the bay will give time for the mother to buy the items that

were not given as gifts during the baby shower.

2. Baby showers are not only for first-born babies but also for subsequent babies. Every pregnancy is a reason to celebrate, so there is nothing wrong to throw a

baby shower to subsequent babies.

3. Traditionally, a close friend of the new mom hosts the baby party. Relatives and co-workers can also host the event.

4. For the host, it is okay to have games to break the ice but it is not that required. Conversations, food and drinks are the thing that should be considered. It would

also be a nice idea to have a book where the guests can write on their notes and messages to the new mom.

5. It is just proper to give gifts that are related to babies. Neutral colors can be picked for gifts so that it will relate to either a boy or girl. It is best to choose gifts that

can be useful and something that a baby may need everyday like diapers, feeding bottles, bibs and baby blankets.

6. Usually, twenty people or more are invited but this will also depend on the number of people that can be accommodated in the venue. Sometimes, they hold a small

number before the birth and larger group after the baby is born.

7. A baby shower is usually held during weekend since that is the most convenient day for the visitors and would normally last two to three hours. The time may be

extended especially if everything is doing well.

8. The person hosting should shoulder the expenses on food and other things.

9. Ideally, the baby shower is held at the home of the person hosting the party. The new mom would be informed since a pregnant woman is not fit for surprises.

10. It is not necessary to have a special invitation printed. The host can buy stationeries or greeting cards with baby themes in bookstores. It will also be a good idea

to have the invitations sent at least three weeks before the party. This will give enough time for guests to RSVP. Do not forget to include the directions.

11. It is only proper to welcome guests when they come and thank them when they leave. The host should always be present during the party and should be the one

attending at the guests.

12. A theme for the party is not that necessary but this adds life to a party. Wearing costumes and decorating the venue gives a happy and celebrating atmosphere.

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personalized baby blanket: Baby Gift Baskets For Showers And Newborn Gifts

If you are wondering what to buy for a baby gift or baby shower gift, then you may be faced with something of a dilemma. You will know that the parents probably need practical things, as does the forthcoming or newborn baby. The parents will probably also like items that are attractive, while a new baby will not care one little bit what their clothes ...

by Roy Thomsitt

If you are wondering what to buy for a baby gift or baby shower gift, then you may be faced with something of a dilemma. You will know that the parents probably need practical things, as does the forthcoming or newborn baby. The parents will probably also like items that are attractive, while a new baby will not care one little bit what their clothes, bedding or any other baby items look like. An attractively presented baby gift basket helps the gift buyer to reach a compromise, and solve their dilemma.

It is certainly fine, if not desirable, to focus on practical baby gifts, whether they are to be presented at a baby shower or directly at some other time; before or after the new baby is born. That then leaves the desire of the parents, and the person giving, to receive or offer a gift that is attractive. With a gift basket, you can combine the practical gifts with some pretty and attractive necessities, thus making an ideal gift offering to celebrate the birth.

Many of the things parents will really need for a new baby are quite mundane, to say the least. Diapers, baby powder, baby soap and other seemingly trivial items are really necessities, and will be welcome gifts for a new baby. However, individually they do not make gifts that most of us would like to give. Despite that, mixing the baby powder, diapers and wet wipes with some toys, and then presenting them nicely, can bring about a transformation. That is where baby gift baskets really come into their own.

For example, you could have a diaper bag as a "basket" and include a few baby toys, such as plastic ducks, baby rattle, and cuddly bear, together with more practical items like a wash cloth set, baby manicure set, picture frame, flannel baby blanket, gel teether, comb & brush set, and baby wash.

Another type of example would be an educational mix in a coloured wicker basket. You could use blue, pink or neutral colours for the basket, then for the gifts choose items like board books, soft toys with classical sounds, colouring crayons and a colouring book. Such gifts will be appreciated more later, of course, but they are good to have in hand when the baby is born as babies soon take an interest in pictures.

There are many permutations of gifts once you have made that decision to give a baby gift basket either at a shower, or after the baby has been born. There is also one plus for you: it can be great fun making up a basket gift yourself, or even choosing one online. For a baby shower, a cookie gift basket could offered as an additional basket, to provide part of shower feast.

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personalized baby blanket: A Special Kind Of Love

My grandmother taught me to crochet the moment my clumsy, chubby fingers could hold a crochet hook. By the time that I was six, she handed me her sewing needles to thread for her because her eyes could no longer see the needle's eye ...

by Kirsten Hawkins

My grandmother taught me to crochet the moment my clumsy, chubby fingers could hold a crochet hook. By the time that I was six, she handed me her sewing needles to thread for her because her eyes could no longer see the needle's eye. When I was eight, my mother spent all of her precious off-work night-time hours making me a spring wardrobe that I can still describe in minute detail, right down to the rick-rack that trimmed the red kerchief that matched the tulip sprigged sleeveless dress. I can recall precisely the colors and patterns of the nightgowns my grandmother sewed for me. My brothers will tell you that they've never worn anything so warm and comfortable as Nana's knitted socks. I even remember the weight of the stocking cap my mother knit to match the checkerboard cardigan - that matched the blue one she knit for my brother.

There is a magic in handmade clothing that transcends the colors, the styles, even the quality of the handiwork. It's as if every stitch and every knot was imbued with the love of the hands that crafted them. And so it was only right that when I was carrying my first child, I picked up crochet hook and thread and started making the clothing she'd wear home from the hospital.

I didn't stop there, though. Making clothing for babies is more than a way to save money or create unique clothing styles. It's a way to surround them with love, to weave your wishes into the fabric as you shape and create each piece.

Over the years, I have sewn, knit and crocheted sweaters, sunsuits, dresses, short sets, blankets, quilts, hats and pants for all five of my children. Beginning with their homecoming outfit, each of them had special clothes that I'd designed and created just for them. I would say that it is perhaps a conceit, a fond wish of my own that my feelings about dressing my babies with my own hands would have transferred themselves to my children - except:

A month ago, I dropped by my daughter's apartment. The baby girl I dressed in a strawberry printed romper - each stich carefully placed by hand, each with a whispered wish and a blessing for her good fortune - is 22 now, a college graduate with a home of her own. Tossed over a table in the corner is a blanket I crocheted for her when she was three from odds and ends of yarn. On her walls are pictures of herself wearing a sweater I made for her - the same sweater, at 3, at 5, at 7. The same sweater now clothes the teddy bear sitting on her dresser.

My 19 year old son, fully grown and living on his own, still owns the knit baby blanket that wrapped him on his trip home from the hospital. He creates and makes his own clothes - imaginative and unusual - and in the patches on his jeans and his jackets, I find bits and pieces of shirts and shorts and sweaters I made for him over the years.

My 15 year old has tucked away the first party dress I made for her - when she was six months old. She never said a word to me about - I found it in her 'treasure memory box'. And the two youngest boys? At 10 and 12, they each have their favorite blanket - ones that I knit for them when they were born.

There is magic in your hands when you create clothing for your baby, the magic of a mother's love that is never, ever completely forgotten.

About The Author:
Kirsten Hawkins is a baby and parenting expert specializing new mothers and single parent issues. Visit for more information on how to raising healthy, happy children.

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personalized baby blanket: 7 Tips for Decorating Your Child and ;s Room

By Liz Hekimian-Williams

If you're not sure where to start or how best to tackle updating your child's bedroom, you're not alone. In a lot of families, the baby nursery takes a lot of planning and deco...

by Jennifer Shelby

7 Tips for Decorating Your Child's Room
By Liz Hekimian-Williams

If you're not sure where to start or how best to tackle updating your child's bedroom, you're not alone. In a lot of families, the baby nursery takes a lot of planning and decorating time but there's often less thought and energy put into decorating the same child's room as they grow older.

It's common for baby toys and furniture like diaper disposals, rattles, pull toys and cribs to get removed, but other things often seem to stay around for quite a bit longer than the growing child might wish. For instance a wall paper border with prints more suitable for your baby or younger child's room, may not be as enjoyed by your now older child (or teen?!).

Here are a few tips to help you get started with decorating your child's room. The best part about this is that your child can help you do it this time around, unlike when they were yet to be born or an infant. So this can be a fun project you can do together!

1. Select a new color to paint the walls, a color that your child likes.
If you have a strong objection to it, though, negotiate with perhaps a lighter version of that color, or limiting their color choice to only one wall. (Or, encourage them to put up some nice posters and wall hangings to lessen their color's impact!)

2. Mood lighting! Kids of all ages enjoy mood lighting of one sort or another. Together, select either a night light, a small novelty lamp
with a low wattage bulb, or an interesting colored or black light
bulb lamp. Other lighting effects kids enjoy include disco lights, statues or flowers with light effects, and glow in the dark items.

3. Bedspreads. Get rid of baby blankets and exchange for favorite cartoon throws or bed covers. When they're teenagers, they might enjoy more sports or frilly, or even more adult taste bed

4. Personalize something for their bureaus or their walls, with their
names and/or photographs. Photos can be made into a collage. Engraved names in stones or personalized acrostic poem name prints are fun kid's room additions. Acrostic poem name prints
make great keepsakes and can be updated every few years. They use the letters of your child's name to start off self-esteem enhancing phrases that tell about your child's unique traits, interests and characteristics at that stage of their life.

5. Create a comfort zone area in the room, for cuddling up cozy and reading. Think about using big pillows, plush or inflatable chairs, anything your child might enjoy to sit on and relaxing in. You'll also want to conveniently have some books placed within their arm's
reach. You might also want to place some music equipment by that area for them to enjoy. And if there's room, try to add an additional seating space for you to enjoy with them, reading or
listening to music with your child, or simply chatting together. If you have a teenager, they'll likely want to have another seating space for you or their friends to use.

6. Together with your child, agree upon a wall paper border that you can use to decorate their room with. This idea can be in addition to or used instead of painting their room. Adding or changing a wall paper border can be a very simple and quick way to change the look
and feel of your child's room.

7. And... here's an interesting idea my daughter suggested when I asked her for suggestions about decorating a child's room ... ( I simply had to share this intriguing idea with you!) She said, "tell them to get an extra thick room door so you don't hear your kids fighting!"

Can you tell that she shares her room with her sister and something about the noise level in their room at times?!

Hmmm... maybe she's got a good idea there after all!

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personalized baby blanket: 4 Tips for Taking Great Baby Pictures - Even If You're Not a Professional

When my daughter Layla was born I had a hard time putting the camera down. And apparently I wasn't the only one. The cashier at the photo developing shop told me that new parents comprised a fairly sizable chunk of their business ...

by Alexis Dawes

When my daughter Layla was born I had a hard time putting the camera down. And apparently I wasn't the only one. The cashier at the photo developing shop told me that new parents comprised a fairly sizable chunk of their business.

We can't help it! Babies are such beautiful creatures that you want to capture every new movement and every fleeting smile that comes along. (Even if that smile is attached to a smelly gas bubble!)

However the problem many parents have is that their lack of good photography skills can translate into pictures that are too dark, too bright, blurry, out of focus, uncentered, and so on. Perhaps this describes you.

If so, don't sweat it. These problems are easily fixable. An album full of mishaps can quickly be transformed by following these 4 tips...

1) When taking pictures of babies lying on their backs, stand directly over them and shoot straight down.

I used to take a solid color baby blanket and place it on the floor in a bright, sun filled room. When I was ready to take a picture I would put Layla on the blanket, and adjust it around her, making sure not to put her directly in the sunlight. Then I'd get on my knees right over her, aim straight down and snap away.

This technique will allow you to center the camera properly and you'll get some great close-up shots. The natural sunlight will often give you just enough light so your picture isn't too dark or too bright.

2) Capture a range of emotions.

Smiling babies are cute. But so are crying babies and pouting babies and messy babies and sleeping babies.

Be sure to take pictures of your little one in all phases of his or her emotion filled life. You'll be amazed at how truly beautiful they are in non-traditional picture taking situations.

3) Make bath time picture time.

While there are some babies who don't like water, most love it. They often become very expressive in the bath tub - laughing, cooing and splashing. So bath time often becomes a great opportunity to capture a few precious shots of your little one.

I've personally used the bathtub to document how Layla has changed over her 2+ years. Every couple of months I take a few close-up pictures of her in the bathtub. Then I take the best one and place it in a special section in the photo album.

It's truly amazing to see how her face changes so dramatically with each new picture.

4) If you use a disposable camera, choose a good one.

I purchased 3 dirt cheap disposable cameras before I had Layla. When we brought her home these were the ones we used for the first week of photo taking.

Boy was I disappointed! The pictures developed horribly. And as a new mommy with hormones still raging, you know how sad this made me. Those cuddly little moments can never be relived again.

I learned a good lesson though. You get what you pay for.

Now my disposable camera of choice is the Kodak Max HQ. It's one of the more pricey disposable cameras. However the quality is fantastic in comparison to other disposables I've used.

You can usually buy them inexpensively on eBay. Popular retailers like Target and Wal-Mart also run sales on them quite frequently.

About The Author

Alexis Dawes is a real mom (not a professional photographer) who runs the web site. Check out her free 20+ page tutorial that teaches parents how to take better pictures of their little one (

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

personalized baby blanket: Baby Blanket - Cat

Baby Blanket baby shower gift idea. As children grow from infancy to toddler most grow attached to one of two things: either a blanket or a stuffed animal. Now children can have the best of both worlds! Created with love and imagination Animal Blankets are blankets that combine a huggable plush animal with the function of a warm blanket. The animal's head is at one corner of the 27 inch square blanket while its feet and/or tail are at the other. The edges are a wide satin trim. These irresistible animal friends are sure to become loving companions for babies infants and toddlers as they navigate the early years of growing up providing years of comfort and countless smiles. A beautiful baby blanket and soooo soft~ babies and toddlers just love these and so do we! 70%acrylic/30% polyester. Machine washable on warm tumble dry low. COMES WRAPPED IN CLEAR CELLO WITH A BOW! MAKES A PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFT OR BIRTHDAY GIFT! NO NEXT DAY AIR ORDERS ON THIS ITEM. INTERNATIONAL ORDERS ONLY- A SHIPPING SURCHARGE OF $15 WILL BE ADDED TO YOUR INVOICE FOR THIS ITEM DUE TO SIZE. MAXIMUM OF 1 BLANKET PER INTERNATIONAL ORDER.

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personalized baby blanket: Baby Gift~Ducky Blanket

The perfect baby shower gift or baby gift idea! This irrestible baby blanket is too cute and sooo soft!!! Here's the latest on this fun new trend....As children grow from infancy to toddler most grow attached to one of two things: either a blanket or a stuffed animal. Now children can have the best of both worlds! Created with love and imagination Animal Blankets are blankets that combine a huggable plush animal with the function of a warm blanket. The animal's head is at one corner of the 27 inch square blanket while its feet and/or tail are at the other. The edges are a wide satin trim. These irresistible animal friends are sure to become loving companions for babies infants and toddlers as they navigate the early years of growing up providing years of comfort and countless smiles. A beautiful blanket and soooo soft~ babies and toddlers just love these and so do we! Baby Gift By In Fashion Kids. 70%acrylic/30% polyester. Machine washable on warm tumble dry low. COMES WRAPPED IN CLEAR CELLO WITH A BOW! MAKES A PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFT OR BIRTHDAY GIFT! NO NEXT DAY AIR ORDERS ON THIS ITEM DUE TO SIZE. INTERNATIONAL ORDERS ONLY- A SHIPPING SURCHARGE OF $15 WILL BE ADDED TO YOUR INVOICE FOR THIS ITEM DUE TO SIZE. MAXIMUM 1 BLANKET PER INTERNATIONAL ORDER.

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personalized baby blanket: Guide Review - Lightweight Rain/Element Blanket for Baby

The Rain/Element Blanket looks just like any other baby blanket. It's attractive in a simple way, just a square of solid-colored soft cloth with a ribbed knit edge. However, that simple fabric square is also waterproof, flame retardant, stain resistant and hypoallergenic, so the Rain/Element Blanket is ready to take whatever messes nature and babies throw at it. The fabric is very lightweight and breathable, making it comfortable for use even in summer rain showers or for shade from the hot sun. In winter, the Rain/Element Blanket can be used as an outer layer to keep baby's snow gear dry. The waterproof fabric also makes this an excellent choice for ground cover at the park or beach, so that baby has a clean, dry place to sit and play. At 36 inches square, the Rain/Element Blanket is big enough to keep a larger toddler dry or to swaddle an infant. Since the fabric is thin, the blanket folds easily and won't take up a lot of room in the diaper bag. Parents may find that it's easier to toss this blanket over baby's head to dash through a rainy parking lot than it is to wrangle both baby and umbrella or to wrestle baby into a rain jacket. The Rain/Element Blanket is a bit more expensive than some other baby blankets, which may deter some parents. However, a blanket that takes up very little precious diaper bag space and works well in a variety of situations is worth a few extra dollars.

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personalized baby blanket: Baby Blankets - Chenille Baby Blanket for comfort

Soft and cuddly baby blankets are serious about the little ones they warm. Throughout your baby's infancy, toddler- and childhood, blankets will play an important role in his comfort, security and even development.

It all starts with the flannel nannies - receiving blankets. These are baby's utility blankets and many moms will tell you they never have enough of them.

Find, Compare and Buy Baby Blankets
Receiving blankets are useful for swaddling, changing and burping baby, so lay in a good supply before baby comes home from the hospital! Receiving blankets are made in combed cotton, brushed flannel and thermal knit. Baby Morgan thermal knit receiving blankets are no longer manufactured, but many baby furnishings stores and internet websites have stock and are continuing to distribute the popular blankets.

Plush cotton or acrylic chenille baby blankets are favorite choice for that special baby gift. A popular brand of poly micro fiber chenille is produced by Little Giraffe; offering a collection of super soft chenille baby blankets. Go the extra step and transform your gift into a personalized baby blanket , embroidered with baby's name and birthday.

While warm and soft are prerequisites for a very young infant's blanket, as your baby grows, he may benefit from other aspects of his blankets. Capture baby's attention with Taggies® blankets , made with colorful, textured satin tags bordering the blanket. Baby will enjoy looking at and feeling the different tags, and will be developing his sensory skills at the same time.

Important considerations when purchasing a baby blanket are:

For what use is the blanket intended? Match size and durability to its anticipated use.
What fabric will be appropriate? Acrylics and other synthetics are hypoallergenic, washable and durable, ideal for spreading on the grass or on questionable carpet!
Is the blanket safe- no decorative ribbons or figures attached? Are the borders chewable? Are blanket corners soft and rounded? Nothing should be safer than your baby's blanket!
Whether chenille, fleece or flannel, your little bundle will grow up loving his blankies long after bidding bye-bye to babyhood.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

personalized baby blanket: My Blankee

If you are looking for a practical and versatile gift to offer an expectant parent, look no further than baby blankets. An elegant and traditional gift that can be enjoyed for years, baby blankets are something that every new mommy can appreciate. Here at My Blankee, we specialize in baby blankets and are proud to offer a beautiful collection to suit every price point and every style.

When it comes to baby blankets, the market is literally saturated with choices. That is why we have worked very hard to create products that are both unique in design and exceptional in quality. Our coverlets are known for their soft and luxurious texture. We pride ourselves in being able to offer our clients the very best in baby-friendly blankets and accessories.

Our Dot Velour blanket is a perfect example of some of our terrific Blankee products. A lightweight coverlet featuring satin borders and raised dot pattern detail, the Dot Velour blanket is perfect for both warm summer evenings and crisp autumn afternoons. This product is available in more than fifteen different colors (including pink, blue and lavender) and can be purchased in six different sizes.

The great thing about our blankets is that in addition to being beautiful and expertly made, they are hypoallergenic. This makes them ideal for babies with even the most sensitive of skin. For more information about the baby blankets offered on our website or if you have specific questions about any of our products, please don't hesitate to contact us.

personalized baby blanket: Embroidered Baby Blankets and Baby Gifts

Would you like to give the favorite gift at your next baby shower? The unique gift that gets passed around the room for everyone to gush over. Then check out our embroidered baby blankets, personalized with the newborn's name on wonderful fabrics like cotton, velour and satin. Each newborn baby is special and unique to this world and a personalized baby gift is a wonderful keepsake for new parents and babies. With a wide variety of embroidered blankets to choose from, you're sure to find one to fit your needs.

Babies respond to baby blankets. They love to cuddle, snuggle and chew on them even! Each of our blankets has been specially selected for our babies with soft fabrics to ensure a wonderful bonding experience like our cotton baby blanket, velour blanket personalized for baby, security blankies, Christening or Baptism keepsakes, satin trim baby blanket - personalized or monogrammed, lovey, swaddling blanket, and monogrammed fleece baby blanket.

Need a baby gift idea besides our custom embroidered blankets? We have great selection of embroidered baby gifts that are personalized just for you.

Personalized Sibling Shirts make great new Baby gifts

With the arrival of a new baby blessing, be sure to ease the change by making the older sibling feel loved and included. A personalized sibling tshirt is a wonderful way to help the oldest become excited about the new baby. We offer an adorable personalized Big Brother or Big Sister tshirt for the sibling and a little brother or little sister onesie for the newborn that is a favorite personalized sibling shirt set from the sibling to the newborn baby. Another favorite is our Big Brother to Bee and Big Sister to Bee tshirts. What a unique way to announce to family and friends that another blessed baby is on the way!

Personalized Grandma Shirts customized for You!

Sometimes referred to as family shirts, these adorable embroidered shirts are a favorite gift to receive for family members. Anyone that has kids just loves our personalized Grandma sweatshirts with kid faces. Mom, Grandma, Great Grandma, Nana, Dad, and even Grandpa will proudly show off their kids and grandkids by wearing their embroidered shirt custom made by

Monday, May 22, 2006

personalized baby blanket: Baby Blanket Safety

Baby Blanket Safety

It is important to cover your infant using a baby blanket rather than a blanket for adults. Because an infant can get tangled or smothered in an oversized blanket, adult blankets are far too large for safety. Remember that, even though that baby blanket may appear too thin to you, it probably seems extremely thick to your infant. Your idea of comfort and softness is proportional to your size. You are likely to prefer things that are larger than is good for your baby.

Of course, even baby blankets can be dangerous. Make sure that you tuck the end and sides of your baby blanket firmly underneath the mattress and that the blanket does not cover your baby above his or her chest. You should be able to see your baby's head and chest as your baby sleeps.

Some mothers prefer to swaddle their newborns since they are used to being held tightly and warmly.

Types of Baby Blankets

You can make your baby blankets part of the d飯r of your nursery. If you have chosen a theme, you will most likely be able to find a blanket that will match the pattern. Baby blankets are also often handmade or can be embroidered with your baby's name.

Machine washable baby blankets will make your life easier. If you have an absolutely beautiful but non-machine washable baby blanket, consider using it just for show.

Attachment to a Baby Blanket

You may end up with a child who is attached to his or her baby blankets. This should not overly concern you. Experts feel that being attached to a baby blanket is a healthy way for young children to deal with the stress of handling "new" situations. Usually, children will start this type of attachment when they are between fifteen months to two years old. Many start loosing interest in their blankets by the time that they are around three.

Most children naturally give up their baby blankets, particularly when they reach school age. Peer pressure may make them limit their use of blankets at home. If you are concerned about your child's dependence on his or her blanket, you can start to wean the child by allowing him or her to have the blanket only at bedtime.

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personalized baby blanket: Fleece Baby Blankets, Monogrammed Chenille Custom Personalized Baby Blankets, Handmade Baby Blankets!

Personalized Baby Blankets - Babies are way "tooo" cute, and you want to send a most perfect personalized baby blanket that will be the perfect match. Adorable Baby Gifts is here to help.
Our custom baby blankets are designed and created by us. All our personalized handmade baby blankets are created as if they were for our own family. Our hand made baby blankets are lovingly designed and built, attractively packaged - each custom baby blanket in it's own special way, and sent to your own family, friends, or business associates and the new baby they've just had. At Adorable Baby Gifts we make it easy to send monogrammed baby blankets.

Always creative, we've put together fleece baby blankets, satin baby blankets, and chenille baby blankets! These really neat personalized baby blankets are for those of us who want to give a very special baby gift that will in time become a constant companion to the new baby. We've designed our personalized baby blankets to be large enough to work, and cute enough to be loved! You can be sure the new mom will appreciate these soft, cuddly and colorful handmade baby blankets. And that new baby will depend on it!

Check back soon! We are always coming up with new ideas for personalized baby blankets! As styles, trends and colors change in the world of personalized monogrammed baby blankets - we will be right at the front leading the way with new custom hand made baby blanket styles to choose from!

personalized baby blanket: Welcome to the World of

But what are Buddy Blankies? They are a wonderful part of any child's life, from baby to toddler. Handmade baby security blankets or lovey blankets made of soft cuddly satin and cozy flannel, with our specially-designed/child-tested Buddy Ears for teething and snuggling. That's what makes our Buddy Blankie a unique baby blanket, sure to be your child's best friend for years to come.

Most children find comfort in a baby blanket or security blanket and we hope you'll find ours up to the task. We pride ourselves on our unique baby blanket design, as well as choosing wonderful patterns to stimulate a child's senses. Our Buddy Blankie's size is approximately 18" square, making this baby blanket not too large to carry around, but the right size to snuggle up with. Being handmade, no two of our baby blankets are exactly alike. Each Buddy Blankie is made to be loved by a special child - your child.

Available in an assortment of bright patterned flannel, our baby blankets come in two sizes. The Buddy Blankie is our full size baby security blanket, for every day snuggling, and the Baby Buddy is our Travel Size baby blanket for the family on the go. Machine washable and dryer safe, our baby blankets are lovingly handmade with the softest satin and cotton flannel, a perfect combination for comfort and play.

Our Buddy Gift Sets are made up of the full size Buddy Blankie and the matching travel sized Baby Buddy ~ a perfect unique gift for baby showers or to welcome home the new mom and baby. We also carry Buddy Bundles, gift sets of our baby blankets in four sizes. They are a wonderful way to celebrate a new birth or buying for twins or triplets! Also a great way to make sure you have spares for wash day.

The Buddy Ears, as we called them, are kitty-cornered on the Buddy Blankie. One set is made similar to bunny ears ~ long comfy pieces of satin/flannel, great for rubbing against little cheeks for comfort as they drift off to sleep. The other set of flannel ears are knotted for little mouths to chew on (perfect during teething!) and little hands to tug at
Child too old for the knotted ears?
You can now Customize your Buddy Ears.
The Travel Ear is kitty-cornered on our Baby Buddy, and available to be added onto our Buddy Blankies.

Personalization is available for most of our baby blankets ~ and that includes our blanket Gifts Sets, Bundles, Cozy'B Blankets and within our Baby Diaper Cakes! There's nothing more special than a baby security blanket, but personalized baby blankets are even more unique. Personalized baby blankets becomes a treasure, a keepsake of their childhood.
Personalized baby blankets are not only special and unique, the embroidery also becomes another texture added to the baby blanket. It also helps children recognize the letters within their name as they grow. A personalized baby blanket is something to not only grow with, but a personalized baby blanket marks it as theirs only. Be sure to check each product's page for details on how to add that extra touch to our blankies!

For something different, we have a wonderful keepsake baby blanket, our Cozy'B Baby Blankets. These are much larger baby blankets than our Buddy's, and without any Buddy Ears. Our Cozy'B is a double layer of snuggly flannel with an eyelet border. Enhance it into a truly special keepsake by choosing the option to make the Cozy'B a personalized baby blanket.

All of our baby blankets come gift-wrapped in a beautiful decorative cello bag or cello wrap, tied with ribbon and a gift tag to add a personal message to ~ Free of Charge!
Whether a gift for your child or for someone else's, our baby blankets come ready to be given.

Our Buddy Blankies offer your child a wonderful baby security blanket to love and grow with, or a keepsake baby blanket to treasure. From birth to toddler, Buddy Blankies are going to be your child's favorite companion

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personalized baby blanket: Make it Special with a Personalized Photo Gift

There's no better feeling than watching your loved one's face light up with surprise and joy when she opens the gift you have given her. The reactions of the special people in your life - your parents, your siblings, your spouse, your kids, and your friends - are what makes gift giving such a pleasure.

Although we have more choices than ever when it comes to selecting a gift, there are times when we wrack our brains trying to come up with a unique idea. There are those people who are hard to buy for because they really don't "need" anything, and there are those who are hard to buy for because nothing you can find is special enough to convey the feelings you have for them. You can traipse through malls or spend hours clicking your computer mouse, yet everything you find seems to be a variation of the same old thing.

Instead of throwing up your hands or settling for the less-than-perfect gift, think outside of the box. A personalized photo gift is guaranteed to be the one-of-a-kind present that your loved one will cherish forever. Imagine transforming your family portrait into a throw blanket for your grandparents, or using that photo of you and your best friend at the beach house to create an unforgettable keepsake box. When your sister is having her first baby, she will treasure a custom photo gift baby blanket that is woven with a picture of the baby's parents.

Whether the gift keepsakes photo is of a memorable scene or memorable people, it can be turned into anything from a personalized baby blanket to a coffee mug, from a pillow to a mouse pad.

The ubiquitous nature of digital photography makes transforming a picture into a custom photo gift a breeze. You can simply order the gift, upload a photo, and congratulate yourself on coming up with a gift that will become an unforgettable memory for someone special.

With digital imaging technology, a personalized photo gift of a blanket or throw means that weave of the fabric itself will contain the image. Typically, black and white photos have better reproductive quality than color photos, but the company that makes your personalized photo gift can convert any color digital image to black and white.

The thoughtfulness demonstrated by giving a personalized photo gift is sure to touch your recipient. So, whether the occasion is a birthday, an anniversary, Christmas, or no occasion at all, keep it simple, but keep it personal.

Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies on the web. Visit this Gifts and Collectibles Website and Majon's Gifts and Collectibles directory.

personalized baby blanket: Choosing the Perfect Baby Gift

Looking for the perfect baby gift? Tired of seeing the 'same old thing' at every department store? Are you certain that everyone will be giving the exact gift as you? Here are some great ideas for choosing the perfect baby gift that will be remembered for years to come.

Many people give baby blankets as a baby shower or newborn gift, but by giving a quality, personalized baby blanket you will make yours stand out and become a family heirloom. You can also find 'lovie blankets' with adorable stuffies attached to the blanket for baby to cuddle.

If you can't decide on just one gift and you'd like to give a variety of gifts, then a baby gift basket is a great idea. They come filled with useful and decorative baby gifts in just about any theme imaginable. You can even personalize some baby gift baskets to match the baby's gender or the nursery theme the mom-to-be has picked out. There's tons of ideas for how to arrange or fill your baby gift basket. Some baby shower guests even create wonderful personal or gourmet gift baskets just for the mom or both parents to be. What a great way to show you're thinking of them and to help settle any unsteady nerves.

Other good choices for baby gifts are essential items like diapers, baby wipes, baby lotion or soap, a baby tub, crib sheets etc. A new mom can never have enough of these items, and they are great when given as a big gift basket, for example by using the baby tub or baby carrier as the 'basket' and filling it with essentials. Organic or all natural baby items are also a wonderful and unique way to go in baby gift ideas. Many moms choose to use cloth diapers and will treasure the thought not to mention the gift.

The most loved baby gifts are those that are given by a thoughtful friend or family member. It's not hard to find that very special baby gift. Just be creative and take your time choosing your gift. Make sure to find baby gift stores or websites where not everyone is shopping, and you're sure to find something different and unique to give. Stop and think about what the mom will need right after the baby arrives and also what they both may need in the future. Make this a special time for everyone to remember.

About the Author: Sherry Frewerd publishes 'Toddler-Birthday-Party-Ideas' and other kid and food related websites. Stop by and plan a fun, stress-free birthday party for your child! Plan fun toddler activities for your birthday party at 'Family Play and Learn'

personalized baby blanket: Personalized Baby Gifts

Personalized baby gifts are unique keepsakes to commemorate your baby's birth. Everyone wants to give the perfect baby gift during times of christening, birthdays, holidays, or just for the sake of showing the baby and the family that you care. If it is personalized, it becomes all that more special. These priceless keepsakes will be remembered and cherished forever, and parents are definitely delighted to receive them.

There are many personalized baby gifts on the market today. One popular item is the personalized baby blanket. This soft, snuggly cover comes in an assortment of subtle shades, personalized with baby's name, birth information and other details. The blanket serves many purposes, and definitely keeps a baby snug and warm.

Another gift worth mentioning is a unique plate with the baby's name and birth date engraved on it. The plate has a clock and the hands can be made to set to the baby's birth time. Personalized book bags with characters made to resemble baby's hair and eyes also make for a unique gift.

Other personalized gifts include tiles, name boards, porcelain booties, silver cups and plates and linens.

The arrival of a new-born baby is definitely a reason to celebrate. You can give gifts to the baby that show just how much you care. A gift also becomes an expression of sharing one's joy. In today's market, there are a wide variety of interesting and fun baby gifts to choose from. Personalized gifts are thoughtful and will definitely find their way into the family heirloom, treasured for years to come.

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TEN Technology naviPlay

If you enjoy listening to music and own an iPod®, this is the perfect product for you! It enables you to wirelessly stream music from your iPod® to your Bluetooth® Stereo Headphones. Now you can listen to your favorite music stored on your iPod®, and never miss a call.
Works with the Motorola Bluetooth® Stereo Headphones HT820 and the Motorola Bluetooth® Home Stereo Adapter DC800.
For iPod® enthusiasts, the Music Duo allows you to enjoy your iPod® wirelessly and still be able to take calls because Motorola Bluetooth® Stereo Headphones connect wirelessly to your iPod® with the naviPlay Bluetooth® Adapter and at the same time connect wirelessly to your compatible Bluetooth® phone.

For the ultimate music experience at home, add the Bluetooth® Home Stereo Adapter DC800. You will be able to stream music from your iPod® through your home stereo speakers and broadcast your favorite iTunes®.

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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Hooking Up Home Theatre

What is Home Theatre?
Since the mid- to late-1990s, home theatre systems have rapidly grown in popularity, as consumers have looked for ways to enjoy movies at home the same way they do in traditional movie theatres. With the advent of the DVD player, having true at-home theatre-quality sound production has now become a reality. This technical article will help explain what home theatre is and how it can be set up.

So what exactly is home theatre? A home theatre system enables you to reproduce the sound and video quality of a commercial movie theatre in your own living room. Prices for home theatre systems can be as low as a few hundred dollars or up into the tens of thousands of dollars. Fortunately, creating a home theatre of your own requires only a few components. A basic home theatre system consists of a television, a DVD player or stereo VCR, an A/V receiver that supports surround sound, and five speakers.

What do you need for a Home Theatre system?
What devices/components are needed for a home theatre system? The most basic components for a home theatre system would consist of a video display (TV, rear projector, front projector, etc…), a surround sound A/V receiver (analog), and a stereo Hi-Fi VCR (typical red, white and yellow connections). When creating more elaborate home theatre systems, components such as DVD players, Super Audio CD players (SACD), Super VHS players (SVHS), or digital surround sound receivers are some of the more common components to see. When it comes to how many speakers? What kind of speakers? There are many different options. The most basic setup would have five speakers: 2 front speakers (left and right), a center channel, and 2 rear speakers (left and right). Higher end speaker setups would consist of up to 9 speakers: 2 front speakers (left and right), a center channel, 2 mid-rear speakers (left and right), 2 rear speakers (left and right), a center rear channel, and a subwoofer.

How do I hook up a Home Theatre system?
Hooking up a Home Theater system is a lot easier than it sounds. The fundamental rule when connecting the components together is that all the cables are connected, OUT to IN. The sound or the video signal will transfer OUT of a device, a DVD player, CD player, VCR etc., and IN to another, surround sound receiver or a video display.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Casino chips

If you've ever been to a casino, you'll notice that the chips feel heavy to the hand. If you grew up like I did, playing with plastic chips was the standard before the poker craze, the weight catches you. But that's because in a casino, chips are made of clay and are meant to be handled.

Now, most people associate casinos with one thing, slots. My mother wouldn't play a table game if it walked over to her. She likes the slots, not video poker, slots. She could play slots for hours.

My father, the other hand, loves craps. I guess he perfected it in the Marines like millions of other people.

Me, otoh, I like blackjack and roulette. Baccarat tables are usually crowded with Asian gamblers betting a lot of fucking money in the world's easiest game, James Bond notwithstanding. Craps can be fun, but more on that later.

Ok, my birthday was last Sunday, I didn't mention it in the press of business, which ought to tell you something about how crazy things are. But the Friday before, my mother and I went to AC for the day. The ad sales had been good, so it wasn't a big deal. As a rule, we don't use site money for things like gambling or personal items like a TV. While some people could give a shit either way, I don't think it's right to take your hard earned money and piss it away at a casino. Kinda like Andy Sullivan still taking donations while making a deal with Time. How Atrios and Kos can live on ad money alone is beyond me. But then Republicans are ethically challenged.

Anyway, about a month beforehand, I'd gone to Mohegan Sun with my father. You now get the theme. The Gillard family likes games, video games, board games, and games of chance. I learned to play poker and blackjack at 8 and gin at 9.

Now, my father, who's had hip problems for 20 years, and walks with a cane, can play craps for hours on end. Hours.

The odd thing about casinos is that they're big enough to get lost in.

Mohegan Sun has two casinos , one called Earth and the other Sky. I think the main difference is that one is dark, the other light. Well, we split up and it took me literally two hours to find him.

Now, I like my casinos a bit dark. It's bad enough tripping up over the wheelchairs and walkers and Jazzymobiles of the elderly day trippers, but bright lights doesn't help matters. Now the thing about craps is that you get a mixed crowd, some young people, well, not that young, and then, while looking for my father, I saw two men with WWII Veteran caps on. Also when I did find my father, I saw him behind a sea of $25 chips. My mouth hung open. I was like "what the fuck"?

I had played a couple of hands of blackjack and just wasn't feeling it. You really have to be ready to sit down and play for at least $100 of chips, and seriously as well. You can't half-ass it and win any money. I don't mean card counting, just willing to pay attention and play the cards right.

Then I moved on to Roulette.

In a modern casino, there are a lot of card games, Carribean Stud Poker, Sic Bo, Pai Gow Poker, Three Card Poker, I call them sucker games. The rules and the odds tilt towards the house and the rules are arcane. You see people play them, but you don't see a lot of winning. And few happy faces.

So when I sat at the Roulette table, I bought some chips and bet the inside. Now, there are two kinds of roulette players, inside players and idiots. But more on that later.

When I tired of roulette, and caught up to my father, he was winning, Big. So after we ate, and the line was long and fast and free at the buffet, because we took the bus up, we went back to craps. And he kept winning. So when he got tired, we went to the simuilcast.

There is something degenerate about betting on dogs on a TV screen. I can't say what, but when you think casino, you don't think dog track. But I bet, and my father, a table man, was well, kinda bored, but I was enjoying it, placing my show bets, breaking almost even.

So, now with my birthday coming up, my mother wants to go to AC. Her back had been bothering her, and she won't go on Sundays, so she didn't go when I suggested she take the day down there.

We get on the bus and the prick bus driver starts moving as she's standing on the steps, and laughs. I shot him a dirty look and she sat down.

Anyway, we get down to AC, and go to the Showboat. I lose money at the Showboat. But we really went there for the buffet, but the line was ridiuclous. So we went to Resorts, which is down the Boardwalk. When I was a kid, AC seemed so much larger.

But we got something to eat and then split up, my mom to her slots, me to the roulettle wheel. Now, the house has good odds on roulette, but if you hit, you get $35 for every dollar bet on a number, and less if you play more than one number. You can bet up to six on the inside.

Anyway, I get some chips and start playing. Now, when I gamble, the hardest thing I'll drink is a coke. If I want to get drunk, I'll go to a bar. The casinos give you booze to increase your odds of doing something stupid with your money.

So I'm betting and this older guy gets $100 in chips and a marker. A marker is credit from the house, against a limit. In the old days, you'd get your legs broken if you didn't pay a marker in Vegas. Now, they just sue.

He must have gotten $1000 in markers as I played. But he was having fun. His wife, however, was intimidated by the table. Which I find odd. All you do is bet numbers , but I saw two different women, at two different casinos refuse to play while their husbands did.

Now, there is a stupid way to play roulette, which is by betting the outside, black/red. 1-18, 2-1 and so on. Now most roulette tables have a minimum bet, which is $10, which mean your bets must combine to be $10 on every spin.

How stupid is stupid?

I saw a man play $500 0n red three times in 20 minutes. He lost $1500 just that fast. Getting rolled by a hooker takes more time. Up would come the black chips, he would lose, get more money. If I had $500, I'd be fucking playing, not placing a 48-48-2 bet with it (O and OO don't count).

While I was breaking even, he was losing, as so was the marker guy. I was going to play something else, but you never leave when you win, because breaking even is a post-casino assessment.

Jen, otoh, did not grow up in gaming family, so casinos overwhelm her a bit, from what she says. But the fact is that I like casinos, they're actually fun, and you can play games and not lose your shirt. Walking away is as much fun as walking to the table. I mean, you can bet horses for $2 all day or play Keno or nickle slots or poker, even penny slots, yes, penny slots.

And if you spend you day writing and watching the news, a little action, even the manufactured action of a casino, is a change in pace. Even as you avoid the church groups of seniors on their way to the slots.

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Friday, May 05, 2006

Cook Asian Food

Asians constitute more than half the world's population, and the continent they inhabit is the largest on earth. Some 5,000 miles long and 6,000 miles wide, Asia stretches from Pakistan in the east all the way west to China, Vietnam, and the Japanese islands. This is a place of amazing diversity, and to speak of Asian cooking might, on the face of it, seem nonsensical. But the benefits of learning about the connections and variations in different Asian cuisines are definitely worthwhile.
The Basics

Even in an area as extensive as Asia, what strikes one are the similarities. Through much of the continent, rice is the unifying staple, and cooks turn again and again to the same repertoire of flavorings: coconut milk, tamarind, chiles, garlic, and a dizzying catalog of spices. There are other convergences: soy sauce is used in many countries, as is bean curd, ghee (clarified butter), and khir (a variety of condensed milk).

Something else these cuisines have in common is the skill with which cooks treat the materials. It's the preparatory phase--cleaning, washing, chopping, and dicing--that consumes the most time. The actual cooking is relatively straightforward and fast. This way, food comes to the table with its nutrients intact.

That said, though, what distinguishes these cuisines from each other is not so much the elements they have in common, but rather the ways in which these elements have been adapted. Asian cooking is rich and wide-ranging and quite delicious--and it's good for you.

A Little History

Food and medicine

Asians see food as providing more than just sustenance and gustatory pleasure. To an extent unknown in the West, they view it as enhancing health and prolonging longevity. "Your food is your medicine" is a saying heard often in this part of the world. When illness strikes, it isn't to the medicine cabinet the Asian turns; it's to the pantry. The following is a short list of foods and their putative benefits.

Edible acorns: The tannin helps rid the body of oxides.

Ajowan: A pungent seed that relieves colic.

Amaranth: A leaf vegetable for reducing sweating.

Asafoetida: A resinous gum used to treat nervous conditions.

Cloves: Used to alleviate toothaches.

Coriander seed: Eases migraines.

Guava leaves: Prescribed for sore throats.

Okra: Eaten as a cure for heartburn.

Papaya: A treatment for diabetes.

Turmeric: Increases circulation.

Essential Ingredients

Compiling a list of ingredients used in such a wide assortment of cuisines is a thankless task, because something is always going to get left out. Therefore, it is a good idea to go over some basic constants from different countries.

Bok choy: A leaf vegetable also known as Chinese white cabbage, bok choy is delicate and for that reason requires little cooking. Its leaves are distinguished by thick white ribs.

Cassava: The edible root of a plant found in the tropics and an important source of starch, cassava is usually served as a vegetable.

Coconut milk: Squeezed from the flesh of mature coconuts, this liquid is used to enhance the flavor of sauces and curries.

Kaffir limes: Highly aromatic, the kaffir lime is one of the mainstays of the Thai kitchen. An essential ingredient in soups and curries, it boasts a thick, wrinkled skin and is also known as the porcupine orange.

Krupuk: A cracker made of prawns and tapioca flour much loved by Indonesians. Fried in hot oil, the crackers inflate, often to be served with fried noodles.

Lemon grass: A tall, lemon-scented grass and one of the most popular herbs in Southeast Asia, lemon grass is used in such things as soups and curry pastes.

Nuoc nam: A sauce of great pungency hailing from Vietnam, nuoc nam is made by packing fish in salt until they ferment, a process which takes a couple of months.

Palm hearts: The soft core of certain palm trees. Tasting a little like artichokes, palm hearts are eaten raw or used to garnish salads.

Setting the Menu

Each country in Asia has a wide range of great dishes, and you should attempt to try as many as possible. But there are signature dishes for each that can represent an excellent starting point for your culinary adventure.

Indonesia: Nasi goreng--rice garnished with chicken, lobster, peppers, and tomatoes.

Malaysia: Satay--nuggets of meat threaded onto bamboo skewers and grilled.

Vietnam: Pho--a rice-noodle soup served with fresh bean sprouts and lots of mint.

Thailand: Red curry with prawns.

Singapore: Laksa--a spicy soup containing shrimp, noodles and coconut milk.

South Korea: Bulgogi--spicy barbecued beef.

China: The almighty noodle. Made of everything from ground rice to potato starch, the noodle is ubiquitous, not just in China, but in much of Asia as well. Whether it's stir-fried, eaten with a sauce, or added to soup to give it ballast, the noodle reigns supreme.

Kitchen Tools

The following list of tools needed for Asian cooking isn't long, but it does include the vital gear needed:

A wok

A slotted frying spoon for stirring and moving ingredients within the wok

Steaming baskets, or some kind of vegetable steamer

A mortar and pestle in which to grind spices (if you like manual labor)

An electric coffee grinder (if you don't like manual labor)

Wire drainers (if you plan to deep fry with any regularity)

An ice shaver (indispensable if you're making the delicious Indonesian dessert ice kacang)

by Contributor, Eric Lawlor

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Dead Sea Scrolls

The world-famous Dead Sea Scrolls, one of the greatest archaeological finds of the 20th century, are drawing record crowds to the Gulf Coast Exploreum in Mobile, Alabama. The traveling exhibition, on display through April 24, showcases fragments of 12 different scrolls, including segments from the Old Testament books of Genesis-Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Psalms, Isaiah, and Jeremiah. "The Dead Sea Scrolls" also features pottery, coins, sandals, and other artifacts on loan from the Israel Antiquities Authority. The objects were found close to the settlement of Qumran on the shores of the Dead Sea, near the caves where the scrolls were unearthed. Two giant-screen IMAX films, Mysteries of Egypt and Mystery of the Maya, complement the show, which includes an audiovisual presentation on the scrolls. Contact: Gulf Coast Exploreum, (877) DSS-SHOW;

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