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Friday, June 30, 2006

personalized baby blanket: Abandoned as a baby, now she's a graduate

Steve Rubenstein, Chronicle Staff Writer

Saturday, June 10, 2006

The baby girl abandoned in a paper bag by the side of a Redwood City road graduated from high school on Friday and got a very special present from the California Highway Patrol officer who found her.

Ashley Wyrick, 18, joined her classmates as they walked across the 50-yard line to accept their diplomas during commencement exercises on the football field at Sequoia High School.

There were tears in a lot of eyes, including those of her stepfather, John Herrmann.

"She was meant to be here," he said. "She has a purpose. You would never guess in 100 years from looking at her or talking with her that they found her where she was."

CHP Officer Steve Gibbons had pulled off Interstate 280 to stretch his legs on a winter night in 1987 when he heard the cry coming from the bag. He took young Ashley to Sequoia Hospital, where the nurses called her Miraculous Mary.

After her adoptive father died, she was legally adopted by her older adoptive sister and grew up and graduated in a white gown in the same town where she had once been left in a brown sack.

A few hours after the ceremony at the school, Officer Gibbons dropped by a graduation party at the family home to give Ashley a small parcel. Inside was the Highway Patrol jacket that he had used to wrap Ashley on the night he found her.

"He'd been saving it, wanting to give it to her for a long time," said Ashley's mother, Serene Herrmann. "It was like her personalized baby blanket. We all started crying."

Then Ashley, her family and friends -- including Sheryl Greenspan, the emergency room nurse who tended her on the night she was found -- embraced one another.

Ashley was among 285 members of the Sequoia High School graduating class. In the fall, she will attend the University of Arizona on a scholarship.

"I'm here to do something with my life," she said. "I'm not here to sit around and cry and waste my time thinking about what happened to me."

E-mail Steve Rubenstein at

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

personalized baby blanket: If a superhero lands in the forest, does anyone hear it?

Movie Guy column by Barry Caine

(James Gayles)

EXPLAIN this: Superman's uniform is impregnable to bullets, fire, bombs, radiation (except kryptonite), knives, forks, you name it.
Yet Martha Kent, Superman's mom, stitched it together from pieces of his personalized baby blanket with an ordinary needle.

And since we're mulling, how did she cut the blanket?

Also, given the amount of material that went into the outfit, including the cape, that must have been a pretty big baby blanket.

If those questions are answered in "Superman Returns," which opens at 10 p.m. Tuesday, I'll consider upping the rating a half-star for shushing my mind.

Another thing. Superman has super breath. If he OD'd on garlic chicken, would he have super bad breath?

Just wondering.

Superman's pending resurrection is inspiring super conjecture. For instance, Newsweek's "With" column has dubbed the Man of Steel a Methodist.

The oh-please rationale: Clark Kent was raised in the Midwest.

More sensible: Clark's pop describes him as a Christ figure. Author Stephen Skelton's "The Gospel According to the World's Greatest Superhero" — some people have too much time on their hands — also subscribes to that theory.

Let's not fight about it. But while we're on the subject, the article uses data gleaned from to imbue other superheroes with their likely religious orientations.

For instance, The Thing from "The Fantastic Four" is Jewish, a fact addressed in the saga.

Spider-Man, "who sometimes addresses God in spontaneous prayer," is Protestant.

Because of the crosses on his parents' gravestones, Batman is either a lapsed Roman Catholic or a disaffected Episcopalian.

They decided Elektra is Greek Orthodox. And Daredevil is Catholic, although god knows why.

Out and about ... The best part of summer is nighttime. Everything cools off — except the inside of my house; if you need fruit ripened rapidly, leave it in my kitchen.

Given the temperature change, there's no need to futz with first-run bad movies just to take advantage of the air-conditioning.

Summer is awash with outdoor screenings. The Oakland Outdoor Cinema's are free. The East Bay series starts its third season July 15 with 1976's "Network," a multi-Oscar winner on the American Film Institute's 100 Greatest American Movies list.

The rest of the lineup consists of "The Joy Luck Club" on Aug. 19, "The Bourne Identity" on Sept. 16 and "Shrek" on Oct. 21.

All shows begin at dusk on Ninth Street between Broadway and Washington. Seating is limited so you're encouraged to bring your own chairs and blankets; it's Oakland, it gets cold.

Popcorn and other treats will be sold. Call (510) 238-4734 or visit

Fikre Tolossa's "Multicolored Flowers," about the influence of African-American fashion, music and culture on white, Latino and Asian-American youths, screens at 4:30 p.m. today at the Merrit hotel, 2332 Harrison St., Oakland.

Admission is $10.

Paris Paul, Aynsley Fleishner and Waldemar Maszewski star in the picture, which also traces the roots of rap music, hairdos and dances to Ethiopia and other parts of Africa. E-mail

"A Miracle in Cracow" centers around a relationship between a Polish art historian who is restoring a tombstone in a Jewish cemetery and a young Hungarian bookseller hunting for an ancient book rumored to have magical powers.

In Hebrew, Hungarian and Polish with English subtitles, and in English, the film will be screened Wednesday in the Screening Room at Yerba BuenaCenter for the Arts, 701 Mission St., San Francisco. Tickets are $7 general, $6 students and seniors. Call (415) 978-2787 or visit

Out Tuesday on DVD ... "Aging Out," "Annapolis," "Art of the Devil 2," "Blood Bath," "Blue Collar Comedy Tour — One for the Road," "The Boy and the Pirate"/"Crystalstone," "Broken Rainbow," "Cache," "Candy Stripers," "Chuck Berry — Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll" and "The Complete Sherlock Holmes Collection Starring Basil Rathbone."

And: "Curse of the Crying Woman," "Damon Wayans: Still Standing," "Death Trance," "The Devil's Sword," "Doing Time: Life in the Big House," "Evil," "Failure to Launch," "Find Me Guilty," "The Fire Next Time," "The Flesh and Blood Show," "Full Frame Documentary Shorts, Vol. 4," "Ghost Game" and "The Graveyard."

Also: "Gwendoline: Unrated Director's Cut," "Imagine Me & You," "JFK: Reckless Youth," "John Landis' Deer Woman," "Legacy," "Leroy & Stitch," "Lucky McKee's Sick Girl," "Madea's Family Reunion," "Madea Goes to Jail," "Masters of Horror: 'Landis/McKee' 2-Pack" and "Olympia — The Leni Riefenstahl Archival Collection."

Plus: "Omar & Pete," "Piaf: Her Story... Her Songs," "The Police Tapes," "Red Riding Hood" (with Joey Fatone), "Sister Rose's Passion," "Stalingrad," "Ultraviolet," "We Jam Econo — The Story of the

Minutemen," "Why Did I Get Married?," "Why We Fight," "Witch's Mirror," "The Wobblies," "Yakuza Graveyard" and "Yellowbeard."

E-mail The Movie Guy at or call (925) 416-4806. For more movie news, visit Check out Caine's blog "Sex and the Single Movie Critic" at

Thursday, June 22, 2006

personalized baby blanket:Baby Blanket Business Is Getting Much More Personal

Sonya Bebeblankee
6/9/2006 5:38:22 PM

One company has made it their personal mission to make buying thoughtful baby gifts fun and easy.

Dallas, TX June 9, 2006 – Sonya Bebeblankee, a unique and spunky baby blanket company, is raising the bar when it comes to personalization. The new “Personalization Plus” campaign aims to ultimately increase the uniqueness of an already unique baby gift: a Miss Sonya.

Personalization Plus offers customers up to 200 characters embroidered along the satin edges of 100% woven cotton blankets. Most other high-end retailers allow no more than 20 characters. But, more than that, the site allows users to customize their one-of-a-kind blankie fast and easy to become the ultimate gift-giver. It’s more than just a monogram or birthdate; this allows customers to weave their warmest wishes into a high-quality blankie.

“It’s all smiles here at Sonya Bebeblankee. We can each say that we truly love what we do here,” says owner, Todd Lilly. “I originally thought we were starting a baby blanket business. A year later we realized we were way more than that. And now, I’m more convinced than ever that we’re truly in the smile business. The personalization around the blankets is just the byproduct of what we do best – help our customers create lasting impressions.”

Lilly continues, “We’re so pumped about being able to offer something that’s just not available anywhere else -- at a very reasonable price and in a very short amount of time.” Lilly started the company two years ago and is a unique business owner with what can only be described as a wacky personality. He says there are two things you have to have to quit a perfectly-good career to sell baby blankets: a bit of an unbalanced personality and a sincere belief in your product.

And, that’s what the most loyal of Sonya’s customers have said: that a Miss Sonya is so unique, so fun to make, and so easy to order, that the mere 5 days they wait in anticipation for the blankie is completely worth it. But now, with Personalization Plus, there’s more to write, more styles to choose from, and more smiles to go around.

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Contact Information:
Erin Hughes
Brand Manager
Sonya Bebeblankee
214-942-4000 x. 704

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

personalized baby blanket: Preparing For The Birth Of A Baby - Essential Baby Clothes

If you are expecting a baby in the next few months, the chances are you will have started planning for some of her important things, if not doing them and buying them already. Her crib may be chosen; her nursery may be painted and decorated; you may have some beautiful bedding to match the baby decor ...

by Roy Thomsitt

If you are expecting a baby in the next few months, the chances are you will have started planning for some of her important things, if not doing them and buying them already. Her crib may be chosen; her nursery may be painted and decorated; you may have some beautiful bedding to match the baby decor of her room; and you may have bought a few gorgeous newborn outfits with which to adorn your newborn.

However, there may be a whole host of things you have not really thought of seriously, especially if you are a first time parent. It is so tempting to focus on the pretty things, and forget, or not learn of, the practical ones. So, when it comes to baby clothes, leave all the cute outfits to the baby shower guests, and concentrate for a while on the things you will really need. After all, you do not want your baby to be caught with her diapers down!

Having a baby is a combination of joy and stress for most people, and I suppose that is true of most major events in our lives. There is nothing to compare to the pleasure and happiness that a mother feels when she holds her new baby for those first few days after the birth; or the father showing off pictures of the baby to his friends and family.

Unfortunately, there is also nothing quite like the stress in worrying that everything is going to be all right on the night, or day, as the case may be. To reduce the chance of those stresses taking over, and to ensure that the family is properly prepared for their joyous new addition, it is as well to get organised with the practical things for the baby layette. Let the person who is to organise the baby shower sort out all that side of things, while you ensure all the most practical items are in place by month 7 of the pregnancy.

New parents quite often fall into the trap of being unprepared when it comes to suitable clothing for their baby. So, here are some of the essentials you will need to complete your preparation for the baby's arrival:

1. Cotton bodysuits, absorbent baby blankets, bibs, and baby booties are items that a new parent can never have enough of. Babies, God Bless them, are messy little things sometimes. For all the cuteness and adorability that they possess, they do dribble, slobber, vomit and overfill their diapers with some of their profuse outputs, and they are like that for about the first year or so of their lives. As such, their clothes do get messy quickly and often; so be prepared, and be practical. A mum may find herself changing her baby's clothing almost as often as she changes her diaper – sometimes more.

2. The best plan is to stock up on the practical things such as "onesies" suits, baby tees, and mess-cleaning cotton blankets so that you always have plenty on hand. Buy these practical items in abundance, but not so many that you'll quickly be stuck with a pile of baby items that no longer fit the baby. It is a good idea to have at least five clean outfits at any time; that is clean items, and not awaiting the next wash. If you are going out on a long outing, you will need to pack extra, so always make sure that you have plenty of clean backups. Do not underestimate your little baby's ability to take your laundry load to record levels, unlike anything you have seen before if you are a first time parent.

The cute and adorable baby outfits, and the stores are stuffed full of those, are fine for taking baby to church, for visiting grandparents, or for taking family photos. However, be prepared for the baby to make a mess over that precious little outfit. While planning and preparing for the arrival of your new offspring, forego some of the cute outfits so that you can stock up on more of the practical essentials. The guests at the baby shower can provide the cute things, while you ensure that you are truly prepared for the reality of having a bouncing new baby in the house.

About The Author:
This preparing for baby article was written by Roy Thomsitt, owner author of the baby website, Ably assisted by his baby daughter, he is also responsible for the Baby Blog,

Copyright Roy Thomsitt -

personalized baby blanket: Preserving Family History - Why Is It Important?

Have you ever had to clean out someone's house after their death? It can be quite a chore, and very overwhelming. In one way it's a fascinating inside peek into someone's personal life. Or, it might feel more like a treasure hunt. The only problem is, will you recognize the ...

by Janet E. Nugent

Have you ever had to clean out someone's house after their
death? It can be quite a chore, and very overwhelming. In one
way it's a fascinating inside peek into someone's personal life.
Or, it might feel more like a treasure hunt. The only problem
is, will you recognize the treasure when you find it? I'm not
talking about the money stuffed under the mattress, but all the
little things that, if put together properly, would tell a story
about that person's life. And, if the deceased was a family
member, that in turn would add to your knowledge of your family

After my father's death, my mother decided to move into an
apartment, which meant cleaning out the house. We found a
number of items that we kids had never seen before. My
Great-grandmother's china and my grandmother's china. My mother
was able to tell us which were which. We also found a cute
little coverlet, hand-embroidered, that turned out to be our
grandfather's baby blanket, made by his mother. Our grandfather
died before my mother's 2nd birthday, but evidently the coverlet
was passed on to her, along with the history of it. If she
hadn't been around to tell us, we would probably never know who
it belonged to, or who made it.

One day I gave some of my nieces a pile of stuff to sort
through. When I returned, they reported that there were only a
few things to keep. I sorted through their "discard" pile, and
came across a framed photo of our cousins. Since we seldom saw
those cousins, my nieces didn't realize who they were, and
figured it was a generic photo that the manufacturer placed in
the frame. A piece of history almost lost. And the recipe book
with the name "Esther Black" in it meant nothing to them. That
wasn't surprising, since she died before I was born, and they
hadn't grown up hearing stories about her. Another treasure
almost lost.

The point is that unless the older generation tells the younger
family members who their ancestors were, and what items belonged
to them, your history, and the history of your family, could be
lost forever. Why is that so important? Everyone is somewhat
curious about where they came from. Did the stork really bring
me? How did I get into Mommy's tummy? How did I get out?
(That one usually isn't answered until high school health
class!) As they get older they may wonder what country their
ancestors came from. Are they Italian-American on both sides of
the family, or only one? Where is the other side from? Their
curiosity may wane over time, until the day their own child
comes home from school with an assignment to do their family
history, and bring in something that has been passed down in the
family. Now what to do?! If only they had listened more to
Aunt Mary's boring stories about her youth, and all the family
she could talk about. If only they had asked their grandmother
why she kept that black covered bowl close to where she always
sat in the living room. Wouldn't it have been nice to know that
her fiancée bought it for her in Japan, when he was briefly
stationed there at the end of World War II?

Many people think that history is boring; trying to remember all
those dates and famous (or infamous) people. But I've always
believed that those dates and battles and historical events are
only the hook to hang the real story on. So what does it matter
now which battle was the turning point of the Revolutionary War?
Would it be more interesting if you found out that one of your
ancestors fought on the winning side of that battle? Would you
then be more interested in that battle, and learning more about
the life of those solders? And, more importantly, why your
ancestor was on that side of the conflict: what drove him,
inspired him to take up arms?

History is the story of mankind, and all the individuals who
have lived and died. Their stories go towards the making of the
larger picture. Do you remember where you were and what you
were doing on September 11, 2001? Do you remember what you
felt? Now imagine how your parents or grandparents felt when
they heard about the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor by the
Japanese. Do you think they were as stunned as you were, or as
angry, sad, or confused? Times and situation change, but people
are still people, with the same feelings.

Now is the time to start recording your family history, starting
with you and your ancestors. Make sure that your descendants
remember your family's part in the overall story of history.
Names and dates are fine, but try to bring them more alive by
finding and preserving their possessions.

Copyright Janet E. Nugent -

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

personalized baby blanket: Day care staffer facing charges

Baby allegedly force-fed, shaken
By Steven Elbow
A day care worker faces a felony charge for allegedly shaking and trying to force-feed a 6-month-old boy.

Anna C. Fuller, 19, who was working at Playhaven, 4111 East Towne Blvd., at the time of the incident, was charged Thursday with second-degree reckless endangerment, which carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.

According to a criminal complaint, on Feb. 6 another employee was having problems feeding the baby, so she asked Fuller to try. Upon failing to get the baby to eat, Fuller allegedly put the boy in a crib and rocked it violently to get him to stop crying, at one point hitting the baby on the back of the head with an open hand.

The co-worker told police Fuller picked the baby up by the shirt, tried again to feed the baby, then said, "I'll make you eat it" before she allegedly removed the bottle lid and nipple and tried to force the bottle opening into his mouth. She then allegedly held the baby at arm's length and shook him three times, causing the baby's head to flail violently.

The co-worker told police Fuller then "propped or threw" the baby into a swing and covered his entire body and head with a personalized baby blanket, tucked the blanket, then walked away saying, "You're such a little jerk."

Fuller then went to another part of the room and began to break pencils. The co-worker told police that, in the past, Fuller had said she would break pencils instead of breaking the baby's neck.

The mother of the baby arrived a short time later and was upset to find the baby sleeping with the blanket over his head. The mother later placed the blanket over her own head and found that she had difficulty drawing a breath.

Dr. Barbara Knox, a child abuse specialist at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, reviewed the case and was amazed the baby was not injured. She said Fuller's alleged actions could have caused a variety of injuries, from serious mouth injuries and brain or rib injuries to death from suffocation.

The co-worker told police that while she was "scared for the child's safety," she didn't say anything to stop Fuller or inform the mother of the incidents.

"I feel ashamed I didn't say anything," she reportedly said.

Cocaine conviction: A Madison man was sentenced to seven years in federal prison Thursday for selling cocaine.

Jose Israel Flores-Tinoco, 27, pleaded guilty in April to the charge of conspiracy to distribute cocaine. He and his co-defendant, Rene Lopez, were arrested last September after trying to sell over 200 grams of the drug to an undercover officers.

U.S. District Judge John Shabaz, who handed Flores-Tinoco a maximum sentence because he has a history of cocaine distribution, is scheduled to sentence Lopez on June 30.

Sprinkler stops fire: An automatic sprinkler system was credited with stopping a kitchen fire from spreading on the city's east side Thursday.

Fire Department spokeswoman Lori Wirth said the fire broke out at a second-floor apartment at 5201 Brookside in the Barrington Place Apartments at about 12:35 p.m. The occupants of the apartment thought their stove was turned off, but it was accidentally turned to a "high" setting.

The occupants tried to extinguish the flames, but were unsuccessful. But a sprinkler above the stove had extinguished the flame before firefighters arrived.

Damage costs were estimated between $5,000 and $10,000.

Published: June 9, 2006

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

personalized baby blanket: Secrets to Working and Pumping

When I had my first son I hadn't planned to go back to work. I suddenly had to return to the workforce when he was three months old. I was completely unprepared and my son went from an exclusively ...

by Patty Hone

When I had my first son I hadn't planned to go back to work. I suddenly had to return to the workforce when he was three months old. I was completely unprepared and my son went from an exclusively breastfeeding baby to a mostly formula baby within a short period of time. I learned a lot from my experience with him and was much more prepared when I had my daughter. I was able to exclusively breastfeed her and work full time. Because of what I went through, the emotions of trying to pump enough milk for the next day, I wanted to gather up all my tips and write them down for others to use. I hope that you find these tips helpful.

1. Plan ahead if possible. Get a freezer stash going before you go back to work.

2. Do not just pump at work. Pump at home on your days off and before and after work.

3. Pump while nursing. Pump on one side while nursing on the other.

4. Find a good place to pump, where you are comfortable and can relax.

5. Make sure everyone at work knows how important breastfeeding is and not to interrupt you.

6. Drink plenty of fluids through out the day. Drink a large glass of water about an hour before you are going to pump.

7. Use a good quality double breast pump like the Ameda Purely Yours.

8. If your supply is dwindling rent a hospital grade pump.

9. Find other moms to talk to that are breastfeeding and pumping.

10. Do not get discouraged if you don't pump a large volume at once. Most moms pump around three oz per pumping.

11. Pump frequently. Pumping frequently is more important than how long you pump.

12. Try to pump at least every three hours.

13. Pumping is NOT as efficient as nursing. Do not gauge your milk supply by how much you pump. Your baby will get more milk from nursing than you will make from pumping.

14. Before you nurse, relax and do a quick breast massage. This will help you get a better let down.

15. Any time you give your baby a bottle make sure you pump in place of that.

16. Nurse frequently at night or try reverse cycling. Reverse cycling is when baby nurses more at night than during the day.

17. Co-sleep with baby if you are comfortable so he can nurse more at night. Nursing at night will help your supply.

18. Try drinking Mothers Milk tea.

19. Eat a bowl of oatmeal in the morning. Oatmeal is really good for boosting milk supply.

20. Avoid giving bottle to baby before he is three weeks.

21. Use a slow flow nipple for your bottles.

22. Find a day care provider that is a breastfeeding supporter. An uneducated day care provider can sabotage your success.

23. Take Fenugreek or Blessed Thistle

24. If you need to supplement when you are home use a Supplemental Nursing System.

25. Do not assume because baby is fussing it is your supply. Many times baby will fuss for other reasons.

26. When preparing bottles for day care, store them in three oz portions. Your baby will likely only need three oz at a time. If he needs more up it to four.

27. Send small 2 oz bottles of breast milk for day care provider to give to baby if you will be picking him up soon. This way baby will be ready to nurse when you get him home.

28. Nurse on your lunch break if you can.

29. Take picture of baby with you to work. Look at your baby when you are pumping. It will help with your let down.

30. Have a nurse in. On the weekend spend the entire weekend in bed with your baby and nurse as frequently as you can.

31. During pumping session, take a break when your milk stops flowing. Massage your breast and use nipple stimulation to get a second let down. You will usually get another oz or so if you can get a second let down.

32. Cut down on caffeine. Caffeine will hinder your supply

33. Don't do extreme dieting. Eat a healthy diet.

34. Contact a La Leche League Leader or lactation consultant for advice.

35. Avoid using bottles and pacifiers when you are home.

36. Try switch nursing when you are home. Nurse on one side then switch to the other when baby seems to be getting fussy. Switch sides two or three times while nursing.

37. Remind yourself of all the benefits your baby is getting and that it's worth it!

38. Keep your pump pre-assembled so that you can keep your pumping breaks shorter.

39. If your using a pump with horns put them in a Ziploc bag and store them in the freezer between pumpings. This way you can just wash them when you get home.

40. If you can, do paperwork while pumping. This way you can have more pumping breaks and you will relax more if you are not focused on pumping.

41. Don't watch the pump. Staring at the pump watching for milk will make your session more stressful.

42. Adjust the suction controls, experiment with the speed and suction until you find what works best for you.

43. Keep spare parts readily available for your pump so you don't have any emergencies.

44. If you own a hands free pump like whisperwear try pumping on the drive to work.

45. Massage your breasts while you pump.

46. Pump in the morning. Your supply is best in the morning.

47. Bring a baby blanket or item of clothing that smells like baby. Use your senses to visualize your baby.

48. Close your eyes and picture baby nursing.

49. Keep a back up pump at work or in your car in case you forget. The Avent Isis is affordable and a great pump to have for a backup.

50. Pat yourself on the back for giving your baby the best!

About The Author

Patty Hone is a wife and mommy to three kids. She is also the owner of For quality breast pumps, slings, and other attachment parenting products please visit her site at

personalized baby blanket: Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Selecting what to bring for a baby shower party can be a tricky task. Any guest would like to give a gift that can be useful to the baby or the parents. Nobody would like to have his or her gift stashed in a closet or to given away to charity without being used first by the recipient. Therefo ...

by Gord Shin

Selecting what to bring for a baby shower party can be a tricky task. Any guest would like to give a gift that can be useful to the baby or the parents. Nobody would like to have his or her gift stashed in a closet or to given away to charity without being used first by the recipient.

Therefore, one has to make sure that he or she has chosen the baby shower gift properly so it will not be wasted. As much as possible, never select a baby shower gift that the parents may already have. Sometimes, the baby shower invitation says what the parents would like to receive.

If it is not on the invitation, you can also call the mom to ask what she would like to receive or what else she would need.

At times when the parents seem to have prepared well for the baby, you can select unique baby shower gifts that would serve as decorative items and remembrance.

Here are some exclusive baby shower gift suggestions.

* Personalized Ornaments

These ornaments are made from ceramic tiles that can be displayed on cabinet or shelves. These can be personalized to contain the baby's name or picture. You may also give a poem to the engraving company so it will be included in the ornament.

* Birth Announcement Plates

These are decorative plates that come in pastel colors and different designs. These can also be personalized with the baby's name. Some companies also offer printing the baby's picture on the plates.

The plates may be used to contain food. However, many chooses to have these plates displayed somewhere in the house.

* Personalized Baby Blankets

These blankets come in pastel colors with different designs. These can be personalized to include the baby's name. Before deciding to give one, make sure that the parents hadn't bought or will not be receiving several blankets during the baby shower party.

* Personalized Name Frame

If the baby's name was already chosen, you can choose a personalized name frame. This will contain the baby's name with it's meaning, usually the biblical or historic association of the name. It may also have a poem dedicating the gift to the baby or wishing the baby and the parents well.

* Piggy Bank

The parents can start the baby's savings with a personalized piggy bank. The parents may drop coins each day after the baby is born. When the child is older, he or she can continue saving money with this decorative piggy bank.

* Music CD

Music has been proven to enhance the creativity and eliminate stress. For babies, music can help them have quality sleep and boost their creativity and intelligence. This is a perfect gift for the baby and the parents.

Regardless of the gift that you have chosen, always include a card to express your thoughts and your joys in sharing the celebration with the baby' parents.

* Baby Naming Book

If the parents still hadn't decided what name to give to the baby or if they are not yet sure of the baby's gender, the baby-naming book is a great gift for the baby shower. The book contains name selections from the bible and historical figures. The meanings of the names are also given as well as the variations and origins in different countries and cultures.

* Pillows

Pillows can also be personalized with the baby's name. These come in several colors and designs.

Gord Shin is web designer who loves to build high quality content based website on specific niche topics. Please visit Aromatherapy Healing Information or Free Asthma Information or Baby Shower Planning for more information on these topics.

Copyright Gord Shin -