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great ideas for choosing the personalized baby blanket as perfect baby gift that will be remembered for years to come

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Personalized baby blanket a best gift for new born baby

When my first baby was born I brought her a personalized baby blanket which I ask my elder sister to sew for me with her name and pictures of snow white and beautiful birds around her. When she is born she is quite fair and had a rosy cheek so I decided pink is the best colour for her. After a year I decided to change her a new one but luckly I did not throw away the olds ones. Whenever I change the new blanket she cry so I had to returned back her old personalized blanket.

Nowadays baby personalized blanket can be brought in most shopping outlet, complex and baby shops. Personalized baby blanket comes in beautiful colours and design. Personalized baby blanket in many big shop outlet are design to your liking. Just choose a colour plain blanket and ask them to had things you want on the blanket. You can put the name and picture of the baby, or picture of animals, cartoon or favourite heroes. If you're looking to give the perfect gift for any new baby, a personalized baby blanket is the best gift.