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Friday, April 28, 2006

2 ways to make money online

Re: 2 ways to make money online

There are 2 types of approaches you can choose
when it comes to creating an info-product.

It's either you be creative or innovative.

Creative means, you observe the market
and come up with a good solution. Basically,
using your brain to think of how your info-
product can solve the existing problem of
what the market is having.

Like, if you see there are a lot of people having
a problem to write a salesletter, you come up
with a salesletter generator software. Or, if
you see that a lot of people are trying to
organized their joint venture’s details, you
can create a joint venture profile software.
Basically, you'll be the first person to hit the
market. Make sense?

But if you want to minimize your risk of
failure and make money fast, I'll prefer to be
an innovator.

Observe the existing products created to
fulfill the demand of a market.

See how good the sales volume is.

Then, I'll be an innovator to provide better
Solution or tap on the existing opportunity.

Not sure what this means?

Let me explain ...

If you happen to see in the market, there are a lot of
salesletter generator software right now because
there are a lot of innovative marketers.

Another example of an innovator marketer --
A relatively new company call PayDotCom that
provides similar service like

It was launched successfully following the creative
company called was the first (That I know of)
website that provides credit card processing
service with built-in affiliate tracking program
for internet marketers to use.

Now, there are more innovative marketers that
have created affiliate tracking tool that can
be integrated with other credit card processors
like, 2checkout,, etc.

Innovative marketing doesn't limit to copying
what is successful and trying to be better, bigger
or cheaper.

That's a very narrow observation on how to
be profitable and it'll normally fails.

Just by adding these 2 extra ingredients in it,
you'll change the whole profit model:

1. Finding an angle

Finding an angle means how you can position
yourself unique from the originator. Example, was a success. But other
affiliate tracking tools that did not have a
built-in credit card processor were very
successful as well by integrating with third party
credit card company. Paydotcom is also another
good example of this. They solve the core problem.

2. Complimenting to the pioneer

Create an info-product that can ride on
the existing successful market. Let's take as an example for discussion
purpose. There are many new tools created
to enhance the convenience of using Clickbank.

Examples are:

Software to manage your affiliates;

Software to extract your Clickbank sales report
into a Microsoft Excel file;

Software to create search engine
Tool that is integrated with Clickbank ID;

Video tutorials how to setup

and many more.

Observe what's happening on the internet. Then,
decide whether becoming a creative or innovative
marketer will give you more profit and yet can
reduce your workload. Then, TAKE ACTION.