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Monday, May 22, 2006

personalized baby blanket: Baby Blanket Safety

Baby Blanket Safety

It is important to cover your infant using a baby blanket rather than a blanket for adults. Because an infant can get tangled or smothered in an oversized blanket, adult blankets are far too large for safety. Remember that, even though that baby blanket may appear too thin to you, it probably seems extremely thick to your infant. Your idea of comfort and softness is proportional to your size. You are likely to prefer things that are larger than is good for your baby.

Of course, even baby blankets can be dangerous. Make sure that you tuck the end and sides of your baby blanket firmly underneath the mattress and that the blanket does not cover your baby above his or her chest. You should be able to see your baby's head and chest as your baby sleeps.

Some mothers prefer to swaddle their newborns since they are used to being held tightly and warmly.

Types of Baby Blankets

You can make your baby blankets part of the d飯r of your nursery. If you have chosen a theme, you will most likely be able to find a blanket that will match the pattern. Baby blankets are also often handmade or can be embroidered with your baby's name.

Machine washable baby blankets will make your life easier. If you have an absolutely beautiful but non-machine washable baby blanket, consider using it just for show.

Attachment to a Baby Blanket

You may end up with a child who is attached to his or her baby blankets. This should not overly concern you. Experts feel that being attached to a baby blanket is a healthy way for young children to deal with the stress of handling "new" situations. Usually, children will start this type of attachment when they are between fifteen months to two years old. Many start loosing interest in their blankets by the time that they are around three.

Most children naturally give up their baby blankets, particularly when they reach school age. Peer pressure may make them limit their use of blankets at home. If you are concerned about your child's dependence on his or her blanket, you can start to wean the child by allowing him or her to have the blanket only at bedtime.

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