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Monday, May 22, 2006

personalized baby blanket: Welcome to the World of

But what are Buddy Blankies? They are a wonderful part of any child's life, from baby to toddler. Handmade baby security blankets or lovey blankets made of soft cuddly satin and cozy flannel, with our specially-designed/child-tested Buddy Ears for teething and snuggling. That's what makes our Buddy Blankie a unique baby blanket, sure to be your child's best friend for years to come.

Most children find comfort in a baby blanket or security blanket and we hope you'll find ours up to the task. We pride ourselves on our unique baby blanket design, as well as choosing wonderful patterns to stimulate a child's senses. Our Buddy Blankie's size is approximately 18" square, making this baby blanket not too large to carry around, but the right size to snuggle up with. Being handmade, no two of our baby blankets are exactly alike. Each Buddy Blankie is made to be loved by a special child - your child.

Available in an assortment of bright patterned flannel, our baby blankets come in two sizes. The Buddy Blankie is our full size baby security blanket, for every day snuggling, and the Baby Buddy is our Travel Size baby blanket for the family on the go. Machine washable and dryer safe, our baby blankets are lovingly handmade with the softest satin and cotton flannel, a perfect combination for comfort and play.

Our Buddy Gift Sets are made up of the full size Buddy Blankie and the matching travel sized Baby Buddy ~ a perfect unique gift for baby showers or to welcome home the new mom and baby. We also carry Buddy Bundles, gift sets of our baby blankets in four sizes. They are a wonderful way to celebrate a new birth or buying for twins or triplets! Also a great way to make sure you have spares for wash day.

The Buddy Ears, as we called them, are kitty-cornered on the Buddy Blankie. One set is made similar to bunny ears ~ long comfy pieces of satin/flannel, great for rubbing against little cheeks for comfort as they drift off to sleep. The other set of flannel ears are knotted for little mouths to chew on (perfect during teething!) and little hands to tug at
Child too old for the knotted ears?
You can now Customize your Buddy Ears.
The Travel Ear is kitty-cornered on our Baby Buddy, and available to be added onto our Buddy Blankies.

Personalization is available for most of our baby blankets ~ and that includes our blanket Gifts Sets, Bundles, Cozy'B Blankets and within our Baby Diaper Cakes! There's nothing more special than a baby security blanket, but personalized baby blankets are even more unique. Personalized baby blankets becomes a treasure, a keepsake of their childhood.
Personalized baby blankets are not only special and unique, the embroidery also becomes another texture added to the baby blanket. It also helps children recognize the letters within their name as they grow. A personalized baby blanket is something to not only grow with, but a personalized baby blanket marks it as theirs only. Be sure to check each product's page for details on how to add that extra touch to our blankies!

For something different, we have a wonderful keepsake baby blanket, our Cozy'B Baby Blankets. These are much larger baby blankets than our Buddy's, and without any Buddy Ears. Our Cozy'B is a double layer of snuggly flannel with an eyelet border. Enhance it into a truly special keepsake by choosing the option to make the Cozy'B a personalized baby blanket.

All of our baby blankets come gift-wrapped in a beautiful decorative cello bag or cello wrap, tied with ribbon and a gift tag to add a personal message to ~ Free of Charge!
Whether a gift for your child or for someone else's, our baby blankets come ready to be given.

Our Buddy Blankies offer your child a wonderful baby security blanket to love and grow with, or a keepsake baby blanket to treasure. From birth to toddler, Buddy Blankies are going to be your child's favorite companion

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