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Monday, May 15, 2006

TEN Technology naviPlay

If you enjoy listening to music and own an iPod®, this is the perfect product for you! It enables you to wirelessly stream music from your iPod® to your Bluetooth® Stereo Headphones. Now you can listen to your favorite music stored on your iPod®, and never miss a call.
Works with the Motorola Bluetooth® Stereo Headphones HT820 and the Motorola Bluetooth® Home Stereo Adapter DC800.
For iPod® enthusiasts, the Music Duo allows you to enjoy your iPod® wirelessly and still be able to take calls because Motorola Bluetooth® Stereo Headphones connect wirelessly to your iPod® with the naviPlay Bluetooth® Adapter and at the same time connect wirelessly to your compatible Bluetooth® phone.

For the ultimate music experience at home, add the Bluetooth® Home Stereo Adapter DC800. You will be able to stream music from your iPod® through your home stereo speakers and broadcast your favorite iTunes®.

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