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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

personalized baby blanket: Baby Blankets - Chenille Baby Blanket for comfort

Soft and cuddly baby blankets are serious about the little ones they warm. Throughout your baby's infancy, toddler- and childhood, blankets will play an important role in his comfort, security and even development.

It all starts with the flannel nannies - receiving blankets. These are baby's utility blankets and many moms will tell you they never have enough of them.

Find, Compare and Buy Baby Blankets
Receiving blankets are useful for swaddling, changing and burping baby, so lay in a good supply before baby comes home from the hospital! Receiving blankets are made in combed cotton, brushed flannel and thermal knit. Baby Morgan thermal knit receiving blankets are no longer manufactured, but many baby furnishings stores and internet websites have stock and are continuing to distribute the popular blankets.

Plush cotton or acrylic chenille baby blankets are favorite choice for that special baby gift. A popular brand of poly micro fiber chenille is produced by Little Giraffe; offering a collection of super soft chenille baby blankets. Go the extra step and transform your gift into a personalized baby blanket , embroidered with baby's name and birthday.

While warm and soft are prerequisites for a very young infant's blanket, as your baby grows, he may benefit from other aspects of his blankets. Capture baby's attention with Taggies® blankets , made with colorful, textured satin tags bordering the blanket. Baby will enjoy looking at and feeling the different tags, and will be developing his sensory skills at the same time.

Important considerations when purchasing a baby blanket are:

For what use is the blanket intended? Match size and durability to its anticipated use.
What fabric will be appropriate? Acrylics and other synthetics are hypoallergenic, washable and durable, ideal for spreading on the grass or on questionable carpet!
Is the blanket safe- no decorative ribbons or figures attached? Are the borders chewable? Are blanket corners soft and rounded? Nothing should be safer than your baby's blanket!
Whether chenille, fleece or flannel, your little bundle will grow up loving his blankies long after bidding bye-bye to babyhood.

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