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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

personalized baby blanket: Guide Review - Lightweight Rain/Element Blanket for Baby

The Rain/Element Blanket looks just like any other baby blanket. It's attractive in a simple way, just a square of solid-colored soft cloth with a ribbed knit edge. However, that simple fabric square is also waterproof, flame retardant, stain resistant and hypoallergenic, so the Rain/Element Blanket is ready to take whatever messes nature and babies throw at it. The fabric is very lightweight and breathable, making it comfortable for use even in summer rain showers or for shade from the hot sun. In winter, the Rain/Element Blanket can be used as an outer layer to keep baby's snow gear dry. The waterproof fabric also makes this an excellent choice for ground cover at the park or beach, so that baby has a clean, dry place to sit and play. At 36 inches square, the Rain/Element Blanket is big enough to keep a larger toddler dry or to swaddle an infant. Since the fabric is thin, the blanket folds easily and won't take up a lot of room in the diaper bag. Parents may find that it's easier to toss this blanket over baby's head to dash through a rainy parking lot than it is to wrangle both baby and umbrella or to wrestle baby into a rain jacket. The Rain/Element Blanket is a bit more expensive than some other baby blankets, which may deter some parents. However, a blanket that takes up very little precious diaper bag space and works well in a variety of situations is worth a few extra dollars.

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