personalized baby blanket

great ideas for choosing the personalized baby blanket as perfect baby gift that will be remembered for years to come

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Personalized baby gifts

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Personalized baby gifts are unique keepsakes to commemorate your baby’s birth. Everyone wants to give the perfect baby gift during times of christening, birthdays, holidays, or just for the sake of showing the baby and the family that you care. If it is personalized, it becomes all that more special. These priceless keepsakes will be remembered and cherished forever, and parents are definitely delighted to receive them.

There are many personalized baby gifts on the market today. One popular item is the personalized baby blanket. This soft, snuggly cover comes in an assortment of subtle shades, personalized with baby’s name, birth information and other details. The blanket serves many purposes, and definitely keeps a baby snug and warm.

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Feed and change baby before boarding: Keep your baby clean and happy before boarding, and transfer that good feeling as you enter the plane. Try to coincide your baby's mealtime as close to your flight as possible, and always keep snacks ready for the flight to calm any fits (graham crackers for a solid eater, an extra bottle for an infant). If you breastfeed, consult with the airline before your flight to determine if there are any privacy options, like the possibility of an extra seat in the back of the plane to use. If your flight is full, keep a baby blanket on hand should the need to nurse arise.

Sometimes, a trip will not always go as planned, and your baby may need changing during flight. Anyone who has had the arduous task of changing a baby on board a plane will tell you it is not easy! Consult with the airline before you leave with regards to your options. You may find, too, you are flying with some very understand passengers who may be willing to help.

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