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Sunday, September 10, 2006

personalized baby blanket: Tips You Need to Know When Choosing a Baby Blanket

It is the goal of every parent to keep his or her baby safe and comfortable. One of the most valuable tools that any parent, especially a new parent has is the baby blanket. This tool can be used to keep the baby warm, keep him dry from the rain and is a trusted play mat in an unfamiliar location. With all of these important jobs, it is essential that the correct blanket is chosen for your little one.

Here are some tips for helping you choose the right blanket at the right price for your child.

1. As a newborn, a blanket is needed to keep warm and swaddled, to help them feel safe in the big new world. Choose something lightweight as babies this young tend to be held a lot and overheat quickly.

2. Try to choose soft cotton or fleece fabrics that are easy on babies' skin. Also, be sure to wash the new blanket in baby detergent before letting it come in contact with the babies' sensitive skin.

3. All new parents soon find out how many times a diaper must be changed and how many times a diaper should have been changed, resulting in clothes that have been wet through. Wet clothes on a baby often mean wet blankets too. For this reason (if for no other), you will need almost as many soft, comfy baby blankets as you can get your hands on. Don't worry, they will be used.

4. Buy baby blankets that are made from fire resistant, non-toxic materials. These are added features to keep your baby safe and in a friendly environment.

5. After all of these criteria have been met, have fun. Choose blankets that you like, whether they are pink, purple or black; have puppies, kittens or tractors. Baby blankets come in such a variety, there is sure to be many to fit your tastes.

Blankets can be very dangerous for babies. Therefore, as you are in the process of using the baby blankets that you have so lovingly chosen for your baby, there is one very important safety note to remember. Don't ever give your baby more than one blanket at a time and be sure that the blanket they are using is wide and long enough to be securely tucked under the crib mattress.

Keep that safety tip in mind and your baby blankets handy, they will be needed many times before your child is through with them.


The comfort of a new born is the top priority of every parent. Baby blankets are one thing which keeps the baby comfortable and snug. But a lot of thought should go into buying a personalized baby blanket. Choosing the right blanket is not difficult if you know which brands meet safety standards and are also perfect for your baby.

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