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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Babies blanket as a gift.

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The other day I got a call from my niece whose ecstatic voice over the wire made me eager for some hearty bit of news. “Uncle”, she said, “At last I have conceived after all these seven years of marriage and you must come to my baby shower”. It was a great relief for all of us since she had visited most of the doctors in town and none of them could assure her of bearing a child.

However, as I was very close to her right from her childhood days and she considered me to be her ‘most nearest relation’, I literally organized a search for some exclusive baby gifts for the baby shower. I was sure that both my niece and her husband must have bought all the gifts that were available locally, so my gifts must have some novelty and freshness about them.

But the local department stores and the shopping malls turned out to be most disappointing as they were full of age-old gift items that neither appealed to me nor my wife, who refused to have anything to do with them. On further enquiries at a different shopping arcade it was revealed that down another floor one section dealt with newborn baby gift items and we rushed there.

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The sales person was a young girl and she was enthusiastic about some personalized products that came with the baby’s name embroidered on it. There were various kind of bibs brightly embroidered with the baby’s name; soft woolen baby blankets that not only had the names but date of birth, weight and dimensions at birth, etc. In short, we liked the innovative idea but were disenchanted since the shower was arranged prior to the child- birth and, therefore, no names could be provided instantly.

Personalized baby gifts do not have to be for the birth alone. You can also give personalized baby gift for baptisms or christenings. Generally, the gifts for such occasions are a little more specialized, but a personalized Bible or christening blanket can be a great way to remember the special ceremony. You could also give a personalized cross, dress, or anything that is related to the ceremony for which you are giving the personalized baby gift.

Personalized baby gifts are something you will really enjoy shopping for and buying. You may even find that you enjoy it as much as the parents enjoy receiving the gift. Perhaps the best thing about giving a personalized baby gift is that it will be long remembered by the parents as well as the child as he or she ages. In many cases, in fact, you may find that a personalized baby gift will become a sort of heirloom that is passed on from generation to generation. In other words, choose a personalized baby gift to make that lasting and thoughtful impression.

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