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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Personalizing a baby’s gift is an excellent idea

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Personalizing a baby’s gift is an excellent idea, making the gift distinct and special and grows into a cherished token through the years. When giving or making a gift sooner, before the baby’s due, you are faced with the problem of not being certain about the name and the birth date. One option to consider is by giving a gift certificate for an etching or engraving design along with your gift. This way, when the wonderful day arrives, the parents can take your gift and have it personalized.

A gift at this time would be anything that would cheer her up, make her feel pampered, and give her physical comfort. Pregnancy might be a time of physical discomfort for her, and even small, inexpensive gifts like Morning Sickness belly soothers will be very appreciated.

Choices for personalized gifts are baby cups, picture frame, jewelry or a cutlery set. There are wide selections of items that can be personalized; all you have to do is look.

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A blanket for baby embroidered with the baby’s name alongside the name’s meaning would make an excellent gift for both mom and baby.

Personalized items like blankets with prints taken from the photographs of the mother and baby are available at These can be embroidered with the name or initials of the mother or baby.

Apart from these, gifts like jewelry, books, CDs, and anything that satisfies her food cravings are also good gifts. Chocolate gift baskets, candle gift baskets with scented lavender candles, Mother’s basket with honey, cookies, candles and perfumes, are retailed on They help put the woman in a relaxed frame of mind, and make her feel cheerful.

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