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Monday, September 18, 2006

Personalized luxury gifts

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If you want to buy luxury gifts for special times in your friends or family members, there are some great wedding gifts and baby gifts that you can get. Brag books are always good, especially for a new mom, dad, or even a grandmother. Glassware is always a sure bet for weddings, as newly married couples typically will not buy glassware for themselves. Travel accessories are a good gift for a new couple that plans to travel together a lot, or for someone that is retiring and is planning to travel in their free time away from an every day job.

Personalized luxury gifts are a great idea for just about anyone, for any occasion. Most of us like personalized items because it lets us know that the person that bought the gift for us was really thinking about us. Luxury gifts are special because they let the recipient know that the gift giver cares enough not to get just anything for their special day, but a gift that really does mean something. Luxury type gifts are also a lot of fun to give because even if it is a small gift, you know that you are going to thrill your friend or family member when they unwrap the gift and see how much thought you've put into them and their special day.

For gift basket liner ideas: shredded newspaper, shredded comics, organic cotton tea towels, organic cotton dish towels, organic cotton wash cloths, hand towels, or bath towels, colored recyclable napkins, organic cotton cloth napkins, fabric pieces, or an organic cotton receiving blanket.

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For gift basket filler, if needed, you can use: crumpled or shredded newspaper comics, or use your imagination to come up with a better idea.

And for gift basket wrap and tie you can use: recyclable paper, butcher paper, newspaper, newspaper comics, or reusable brown paper bags. Also check with the Salvation Army or Goodwill Industries stores for inexpensive recyclable wrapping paper. Tie with jute or raffia twine for a simple rustic look or leave the gift basket unwrapped.

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